It Was Never Love At First Sight, But That Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Real


It was never love at first sight. Not with you and me. I’d like to say it was; I’d love to be able to tell you of the time I first laid eyes on you and my whole world fell into place. But in truth, we both know neither of us would have looked twice under normal circumstances. We are from different worlds. If miraculously our paths would have crossed at any other time, I’m almost certain we wouldn’t have even gone further than the common niceties. However, our paths did cross, and they crossed at the precise moment in time that managed to encapsulate us. Whether it was here that fate played a part, I will never know.

I would be lying if I told you that the first time I encountered you I was in love. I didn’t feel the connection, the burning desire. My world didn’t light up like in the fairy tales we read as children or the dreams that flood our minds as adults. It was just another day, another person. I could flatter you here and tell you that I’ve always loved you, but we both know that’s not true either. In actuality, I have probably disliked you more than I’ve liked you. Maybe that’s what kept me interested, though—there was never anyone who could give me that same feeling of rage and intrigue all at once. It kept me coming back for more even when you infuriated me.

People tell me of the exact moment they knew they loved their partner. The exact moment they looked at them and they knew. I never had that with you. Love crept up on me like a shadow in the night. Before I knew how to stop it, it was there, and it was all-encompassing. It was like suddenly I was drowning in it. From the moment I woke up to the moment I slept, my world was surrounded by you. An unfamiliar feeling to me, someone who’s always in control, who is always one step ahead.

So no, it wasn’t love at first sight, but that doesn’t subtract away from the love I felt and still feel for you. You consume me in every way that is possible. Who knows where that will take us. Whether our love was destined to a happily ever after after all or whether we were made to break and end. I guess we will have to wait and see.