It’s 10:36 PM And I Can’t Stop Thinking About You


Sometimes it’s difficult for me to write. It’s not the same anymore. I’m overly critical of my words and how they sound next to one another. I feel like I’m trying too hard and saying things that have already been said a thousand different ways.

In this moment my head hurts because I want this to perfectly convey how I feel.

Sometimes there is no “right” or “wrong” way. You just have to say it. Believe in yourself that it’s the right thing because there’s nothing greater than being painfully honest.

In this moment it’s 10:36 PM and I can’t stop thinking about you.

Sometimes it’s hard to be apart from you. Most of the time, actually. I want to kiss you before I leave for work and reconvene with you at night over a home cooked meal and talk about our days. I want to get lost in your voice because hearing it brings me so much comfort. I want to get lost in your eyes and tell you how beautiful I think you are. I want everything with you.

In this moment I wish I was lying next to you.

Sometimes separation is difficult but it can teach powerful communication skills. Which I believe are the basis of every successful relationship.

In this moment I don’t understand what the universe has conspired.

Sometimes there is no point in trying to understand. But rather trust the path you are on and know that good things come to those who wait.

In this moment I feel impatient.

Sometimes it’s hard to take things day by day and know with everyday that passes, is a day closer to being with you.

In this moment time feels like my worst enemy.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to express my emotions to their full extent because I fear being rejected. I fear that my feelings won’t be reciprocated. I hold back and try and test the waters before jumping in.

But this isn’t one of those moments.

I can’t hold back the way I feel about you.