It’s 2019, Stop Romanticizing Cheating


Cheating will always be a choice.

What a lot of people fail to realize is that love is a constant decision to choose your partner every day, not just when it’s convenient. 80% of marriages fail for the mere fact that when everything gets dark, it’s easier to find someone better than fix the problem with the person you promised an entire future with. Cheating will never be a way out under any condition. From the moment you wake up, you have to decide that your partner is the person for you.

When you choose to cheat on your partner, you don’t know the kind of damage you’re inflicting on them. You’re not just breaking their heart and putting an end to their trust in you. We all know how much easier it would be it that were that case; however, something darker is actually at play. When you decide to choose someone else, you’re destroying their very soul and their faith in love. You’re making their fears come to life, for their biggest nightmare was losing you. But it wasn’t just a loss — it was self-destruction. It’s losing everything you’ve ever believed about love. It’s blaming yourself for never being enough for them to choose you. It’s blaming the flaws and imperfections on your own body for not being perfect. It’s the aftermath of hardening your heart and swearing to never, under any circumstances, fall in love again.

Cheating will always be a choice, your own choice to destroy someone else’s soul. A family doesn’t just become a dysfunctional, broken family out of nowhere. There is always a root cause, and it’s usually someone choosing someone else. But you have to remember, it’s much worse to destroy someone else’s soul than to have your own soul destroyed, because that’s the kind of darkness that doesn’t get fixed.

We live in a generation that is romanticizing cheating in every aspect, and we have got to be the change the world needs. Cheating is and will always be wrong. Flirting is also considered cheating. Going home to your partner but being invested in another person is also cheating. Under any context, cheating will always be cheating, and there is no loophole.