It’s 5:21 And I Miss You So Much


I miss you beside me. I miss the touch of your skin on mine. I miss the taste of your lips slowly kissing mine. I miss the way you caress me when the dark night is cold and windy. I miss you snoring in the middle of the night. I miss how the sun touches your face once the morning light comes.

I miss making love to you. I miss your hands slowly touching the curves of my waist. I miss your lips on my neck. I miss your body on top of mine. I miss you coming to me.

I miss you talking to me at night until the morning comes. I miss you bidding goodnight to me. I miss the way you touch my hair until I fall asleep. I miss your stories at work and how your face lights up when listening to mine.

I miss the way you feel whenever you sleep beside me. I miss the way you hug me to sleep at night. I miss you wanting me every night.

I miss every Sunday brunch with you, visiting our favorite Korean Restaurant. I miss the lazy days with you. I miss going to the beach with you and lying under the sun. I miss your arms wrapped around mine.

I miss you fetching me at work every evening at seven. I miss having simple dinners and late lunches with you. I miss walking with you at night when we both can’t sleep because we are craving ice cream.

I miss going to church with you and thanking God for everyday of our lives. I miss everything about you, about us.

God, I miss you so much it hurts. It’s 5:21 in the afternoon here, and it is four hours ahead where you are. I wish you were here, or I was there, or we were together anywhere. I wish I were home with you.