It’s About Time I Deleted You From My Life


“It’s about time,” I tell myself as I scroll through timelines and news feeds without you in it.

About time that I let myself be happy. It’s about time I free myself from the thoughts of you, and us. It’s about time I love myself.

It’s about time that I disconnect myself from the things that bind us.

Delete pictures of you and me from my camera roll. Lock up old message threads and disconnect from you in any way possible. People call it an immature move, to unfollow people you’re once related with but I call it strength. Strength to be able to detach yourself from a person you used to hold on to, someone you used to love. And that’s not easy. It will help ease the pain and prevent you from your stalking tendencies. It may even lighten you up a bit. It’s about time you be strong.

It’s about time you make room for yourself.

Discover more about yourself. What you really want to do or when you want to do it. Plan it all out. Create bucket lists, filled with things you want to do with someone, or the dreams you want to fulfill on your own. Get to know a new music genre or try out new cuisines. Discover the city by yourself or just sit by the coffee shop and read. Get a mani- pedi or a massage. Do what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Travel. Seek, for new adventures and for yourself.

It’s about time you let yourself be free.

Be free of all the thoughts that hold you in. Of the fears that keep you from succeeding. Or from the people that keep you from discovering. Free yourself from the walls that exclude you from reality. Get out of your comfort zone. Do it for yourself. Breathe and be free. Write, sing or dance. Do more of what makes you happy. It’s about time you wipe those tears off your face and bring out that smile.

It’s about time you move on.

May you be 16 and lost or 20 and confused, 50 and in crisis, as long as you feel it; It is the perfect time. It’s about time you do something great for yourself.