It’s About Time You Start Loving Yourself


Love yourself enough so that you don’t ask, “Why do they love me so much?” Love yourself so you don’t accept mistreatment from others and think that this is what you deserve. Love yourself enough so you’d know that not being respected or appreciated is not okay and it’s not something that you should tolerate.

Love yourself enough so you don’t love or un-love yourself based on others validations or opinions. Love yourself enough so you can take care of yourself well before anyone else does. Love yourself enough that you actually enjoy being who you are and giving permission for yourself to be completely who you are.

Love yourself enough to enjoy your own company and the fact that being alone from time to time doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to you but something that you actually enjoy. Love yourself enough to believe in yourself and start investing and working on it wholeheartedly.

Love yourself enough so that you start accepting and aiming for better things because you genuinely believe that you’re worthy of all these things. Love yourself so you’ll be more open to accepting compliments confidently without denying them. Love yourself enough so you can be more open to love, care, and support from others because you believe that you deserve it.

Love yourself enough so you keep on working to make yourself better, not because you think that you’re in a bad state or because you dislike who you are and think you need to be improved, but because you truly want what’s best for you. Love yourself enough that you acknowledge your own success and without belittling it. Love yourself enough that you even ignite your glow instead of trying to make it less visible. Love yourself enough to not be uncomfortable with being out there and showing everything you’ve got to the world.

Love yourself enough that you realize that you deserve to dream big, out-of-this-world dreams, and that you deserve to fight and pursue these dreams fearlessly.

Loving yourself is not an act of narcissism or egoism — loving yourself is a beautiful thing to do. And it’s about time that you start doing this without feeling like a bad person for doing so or feeling like this is something that you need to be ashamed of.