It’s Better To Be Alone Than To Be With Someone Who Broke Your Heart


It’s not easy being alone when you’re wired to be truly happy when you share life with someone.

His lingering laughter reverberates in your thoughts, and you wish you could be back in that place.

You’ve recounted the memories far too many times.

The thing about reliving these memories like a broken record is that your mind tends to only revive the good ones, the peak moments that rushed through your veins like electricity, illuminating your soul. It tends to forget the memories that made you walk away, the moments that cloaked your days with darkness.

The anxiety of not knowing what kind of voice you were going to hear on the other side of the phone.

The uncertainty that kept you awake at night.

When you feel alone, remember those moments of wishing you had never met.

Remember the sensation of cold adrenaline rushing to the top of your head from your feet, numbing your face when you found out what made you lose all trust in them.

After some time has gone by and you’re past the excruciating heartbreak phase, it’s easy to look back through rose colored glasses. It’s charming to replay the good ol’ days when you’re alone.

But you have to balance it with the reality of it all by reminding yourself of why it didn’t work.

It’s much better to be alone than to be with someone who is not capable of having your best interests at heart. There will be people who will love and care for you, but only to a certain capacity. And this capacity usually does not even come close to the one that they have for themselves. This can be a painful realization, but that’s another reason to remind yourself why being alone is so much better than giving yourself to someone who is not capable of reciprocating the same love and respect.

When you recount the reasons why you let go, find comfort in being alone. In fact, enjoy it!

Enjoy the anxiousness that has been eliminated from your life.

Enjoy waking up alone in the morning with your body diagonally sprawled out across your bed.

Have fun watching as many episodes of Sex and the City as you want in the comfort of your own space without the “not again” grunts.

Enjoy blasting your favorite music while you get dressed.

Be glad you have all that extra closet space.

Enjoy having the freedom to do what you want on your clock and no one else’s.

Relish these moments that you’re never going to get back.

You were given this time alone to figure out yourself and what it is you truly want and deserve.

Acknowledging all the simple things works like a boomerang—the more you appreciate them, the more worthwhile all this alone time will be, and in turn it will strengthen your ability to do things for yourself. There may be some days that feel like there’s something missing, but just know that this is your time to work on you. Be grateful for this time alone. When you least expect it, something great will enter your life when the timing is right.