It’s Better To Be Vulnerable Than Heartless



It’s a big word with an even bigger meaning. To be vulnerable is to put ourselves out there in all capacities, to break out of the cages that we have built up, and to simply, be free.

As humans, we can’t help but want to strive to be connected to something or someone. This is what gives us a sense of meaning in our lives.

We are born, already connected to a family and from there our connections grow. But as those connections grow we become more caged, we fear disconnect so much that we hide ourselves because we no longer feel that we are worthy of that connection.

Vulnerability becomes less about being free and more about weakness.

All of the greatest things in our lives are attached to our most vulnerable moments. When we think of being in love, we also think about the one that broke our hearts. When we think about our best memory, we also think about why that memory is only a memory.

When we think about being a part of something bigger, we also think about a time when we were excluded from everything. These connections that our lives are built around have somehow become more about the bad than the good. Our vulnerable moments should shape us not hold us back.

Yes, darling, I understand that being vulnerable comes with excruciating pain but from that pain we grow as individuals.

Allowing yourself to be seen, and really be seen for who you are, can allow the most self-love, courage, compassion, and connection that you will seek out. It will always be a work-in- progress but there are ways you can outsmart your own vulnerability and make it into something just as beautiful as you are.

Even the strongest person you know; the one who carries themselves like nothing scares them, the one that seems like they will never falter, they wear that vulnerability on their face and they are no stranger to being broken.

They, unlike a lot of people around, have found a way to push through the hurt and still feel like they are worthy of that connection. Worthy.

Feeling like you are worthy of love, of having your dreams come true, of belonging to someone or something is the greatest challenge that you will face when trying to break free of the cage you have built up.

I know you can do this. Look inside yourself, what do you see? You should see someone who is intelligent, kind, nurturing, loving, genuine, courageous.

You should see someone, despite all of your imperfections, is good enough and worthy of everything you should come to want – worthy of the connection. You should see someone who is pushing their fears.