It’s Ok To Be Sad Sometimes


It’s ok to be sad sometimes. It doesn’t mean you’re broken. It doesn’t mean you’ll never feel happiness again. It just means you’re sad.

And as we try to ignore it, sadness is part of life.

Sometimes your sadness might come in waves, sometimes it might hit you out of nowhere, like a shot to the chest. Maybe it’s a sucker punch that just takes the wind out of you. Maybe it’s a memory of something you once forgot, only to come flooding back because of that certain song or movie. Maybe it’s because of the weather. Maybe it’s because a strangers face reminded you of someone you once lost.

I know it hurts.

I hope you hear me when I tell you it’ll pass. I hope you understand that it doesn’t have to stay there.

Perhaps your sadness if because of loss. Maybe it’s because of death. Grief and mourning are emotions that we don’t often talk about – they’re sticky. They weigh heavy. It’s easier to pretend that they’re not there – but that won’t do you any good.

It’s ok to grieve. To mourn. To cry because of loss. It doesn’t mean you’ll do it for forever. But how can you climb your way back to the other side of sadness if you just sit on the floor and never move? You can’t.

You have to stand.

And I know it’ll hurt your heart. I know it’ll rest in your bones. But it doesn’t have to stay there, ok? It won’t stay there if you let yourself feel it.

Don’t be afraid to feel it.

Remember that although it may feel like it, you are not alone. There are people who want to help you stand again. There are people who want to help you feel whole in your own skin again. There are people who have felt their own bones crush beneath the weight of despair, and they will be happy to guide you back to the other side of sadness.

There are tools that they will want to give you so that you can feel happiness again.

Take them.