It’s Okay If You Can’t Let Go


Memories get branded into your skin; they get stamped onto your heart. They are a weight that only you can feel, but to the world you feel exposed. Things that were once important years ago aren’t anymore, but within a blink of an eye it could feel like yesterday.

You can still see the expression in their eyes; you can hear the way they used to laugh. Someone you were once close with, but aren’t anymore. Their existence in your world is diminished, but the memories have stayed.

We get this perception in our minds that we miss the person we used to be close with, but it’s the idea of them that gives us the heartache. It is rather the things we connect them with and the little things that have etched themselves into us.

It’s important to remember that we all have the power to control exactly what controls us.

Now is the time to figure out your life and to hold onto the things that make you happy. If the memories make you happy, then keep them. Missing them is okay too, but only miss in your mind, not in your heart. Memories tend to stick with us, but never does it mean that we are bound to the person we associate them with.

Let go of every part of them and break free from the string that holds you to them. Just close your eyes, say a silent goodbye, and move on. Now open your eyes.