It’s Okay If You Don’t Feel Like Yourself Today


Who am I today? And is it okay that it doesn’t feel the same as yesterday? Is it okay that it may also be different tomorrow? Who am I today? And is it alright that I am a little lost while well on my way?

Each day, we have the opportunity to continue our stories or to completely rewrite them. Every day, we have the chance to turn the page or to start the sequel. These days are not meant to be the same because the most constant thing in life is change.

These days are not meant to be identical to the ones that came before it because we otherwise would not grow; we would not rise. These days are not supposed to be recreations of the past because that means we never learn from our mistakes.

So, yes, it is okay that today you feel like someone else or someone new. Maybe today is the you that you needed to chase your dreams. Maybe today is the you that you needed to remind yourself to rest. Maybe today is the you that you needed to meet to find love for the changes in your heart.

Our lives are meant to ebb and flow because discovery was never meant to be a one-lane road. Our journeys are meant to cross and to meet dead ends because becoming was never meant to be one-dimensional. Our paths are meant to go wide and then go narrow because finding our purpose was never intended to be easy.

And maybe on some days we have no idea where we’re going and want to hitchhike our way to days that seemed simpler. And maybe on some days we find ourselves running past hurdles we never thought we’d cross. And maybe on some days we walk slowly and listen to the sound of rocks beneath our feet, one with our pilgrimage.

Whoever we are today, that’s exactly who we need to be. Today, yesterday, and every single tomorrow, you are worthy. Whoever we become and whoever we’ve been, that person is someone we needed to be—someone we needed to meet.

When you rise from underneath the covers and find your tired eyes in the first reflection of the day, smile at who you find. Smile at the person who you’ve evolved into after many days of transformation. You are a combination of hard times and wonderful times and wild times.

You are a medley of goals reached and fears breached. You are a galaxy that’s constantly spinning and orbiting around your destiny. You are a blend of stories told over candlelight and words worth hearing from a stage. You are a mix of grace and grit.

You are ever-unfolding, ever-unraveling and ever-expanding. Maybe today feels different, and that’s okay. Maybe today you have no idea who you are, and that’s okay. Maybe today you have no idea where to go next, and that’s okay.

It’s okay because every single day in this life was made for you. This world is spinning for you, and you decide how you want to live in it. So if today feels different, okay. If today feels different, honor it.

Because a series of different days is better than a life that goes unchanged. Because a song isn’t memorable if you only sing the chorus. Because a book is not timeless if it doesn’t move you through time, and your story is always progressing—just like you.

I have no idea who I am today, what I’m supposed to do with my life, or what I should eat for lunch. But I know that? Whoever I am today was meant to write these words on a page. And for today? That’s okay.

I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay.