It’s Okay If You Feel Broken Today


Today, it’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to be hurt or discouraged, and you don’t have to make yourself be ‘okay’. No, not today.

Today, it’s okay to feel lonely. Maybe things had been tough. Maybe he fell out of love and you just felt out of place. And that’s okay. Today, cry as much as you can. Breathe as much as you need to. You don’t have to fake a smile. No, not today.

Today, it’s okay to feel rejected. I know you badly want that job; you badly need that business to flourish. I know you badly need that validation, that approval, but it’s okay if things didn’t happen the way you wanted them to—you can always try again. But no, not today.

Today, it’s okay to feel demotivated, defeated, and exhausted. Maybe efforts were exerted but were not appreciated. Maybe you gave it your best but you weren’t seen or appreciated, or maybe you just feel like you were not valuable—things like that happen. And even though that was difficult, you’ll be okay. You’ll still thrive. But you don’t have to force yourself to do it right away. No, not today.

You know what you’re gonna do today?

Today, you are going to stop.

You are going to breathe.

You are going to rest.

You are going to trust that things are gonna work themselves out at their own pace, and you, you are going to figure everything out, but at your own time.

Today, you are not going to rush yourself to feel okay, to feel better, to feel happy.

Today, you are not going to rush yourself to be filled again. Today, it’s okay to be empty. Today is not the day you will try your hardest to fix all that is broken. Today you will come as you are.

And then maybe two, 20 or 200 days from today, when you smile, your heart will be smiling too.

When you say you’re okay, you will mean it every single time.

When you speak, it will be kinder, it will be encouraging, it will bring life.

When you get compliments, you will accept them, you will own them.

When you move, people will be inspired, people will feel supported. Light will just radiate from you.

Maybe 10, 20, or 200 days from today, you will be okay and it will be real. I’m rooting for you.