It’s Okay To Dream Again


Dream again. Believe that there are possibilities beyond the walls, beyond what you are able to see. Dream as if it already unfolded into the realms of reality.

Maybe along the way you lost it; along the way you forgot how to dream. Maybe the world crashed in on you so hard, you no longer were the person who day dreamed in your room about the future – about love, about magic, about being the own version of yourself, a version who stands out in the crowd reflecting sunshine and beaming colors that resembled twilight.

You lost that part of you, and instead became the exact opposite of a dreamer. You became a realist, a cynic for your own good – for your own protection. You then walked only the paths you were sure of, destinations you were certain to reach because they were easy and calculated.

But this is the time to dream again, it’s okay to dream again. It’s okay to dream even after experiencing betrayals, disappointments and rejections.

Look for that light that once shone to all of your hopes and dreams. Be reminded of how beautiful it was to dream and believe in oneself. Remember how courageous it was to fight against adversaries, how dauntless it is to stand strong and hold onto what you know you’re capable of doing.

This time around, promise yourself to be that dreamer once again. This time only wiser, yet bold enough to preserve the dreamer and not let the world shut it down.

Promise yourself to always try, regardless of the many doors that will be shut in your face,; promise yourself to never let a single day end without at least one step towards those dreams.

Promise yourself to resiliently function daily in excellence and diligence. Promise yourself to remain intact and confident regardless of what other people think because you know what you can do.

You are a dreamer once again and you shall walk through life geared with the strength of the lessons from the past.

Now you are unstoppable, you’re once again fearless.
You can dream again.