It’s Okay To Miss The Person You Had To Let Go Of


Healing is not linear. Healing is a rocky journey. Despite the difficult circumstances, healing is possible. It is perfectly okay to miss someone you had to let go of. It is perfectly okay to sit with the memories. It is perfectly okay to bury yourself in your feelings and feel the loss of what you hoped for. Even if you were not in a relationship with this person, letting them go is still a heartbreak. Most of the time, you find yourself feeling completely over that person. Other days, you find yourself relapsing over the situation. You find yourself reading an old text thread with that person, wishing you could still communicate. You find yourself wondering if that person misses you. You find yourself wishing that things could have been different. All of these things are a part of the healing process. It is perfectly okay to do all of these things and feel all the emotions at once.

Despite the pain, you remind yourself why you cut that person out of your life to begin with. Choosing yourself is not selfish by any means. Choosing yourself is an act of self-love. You know what you deserve. It is heartbreaking to not have that one person in your life anymore, but eventually things won’t sting as much as before. It is okay to still think about that person and wonder how they are doing. Most of all, it is okay to still love them. Love is beautiful. Love is magical. Don’t let one person make you feel bitter all because they could not treat you the way you needed to be treated. How others treat you is a reflection of themselves. Some people just do not want to admit they are in the wrong. That one person could not give you what you need, but incredible things are ahead. A future without that person you wanted in it is extremely painful. Despite this, someone even better will come along, even if you haven’t met this person yet.

We find ourselves wishing that we didn’t have to let this one person go. We truly wanted to keep this person in our lives for good. Sometimes life just doesn’t work that way, no matter how much we want things to be different. That one person served their purpose in that one chapter of our lives. It is completely okay to walk forward without them. It is okay to leave them behind without a single explanation. That person didn’t care about your feelings when they hurt you. It is okay to take control of your happiness. Sometimes doing what is best for yourself upsets others, but that is okay too.

Always remember that your feelings are valid. Your voice matters. Nobody can tell you otherwise. When it comes to your inner circle, you get to call the shots and decide who stays and who goes. It is okay to wonder if you made the right decision by letting that one person go. It is okay to still want to run back to that person. Letting go truly involves so many emotions all at once that it can be overwhelming. It is perfectly okay to miss the good times you had with them. It is perfectly okay to miss their voice. It is okay to miss everything.

One day you will wake up and find yourself moving forward. You will find yourself thinking about them less. You will find yourself in a better place. One day you will find that the pain is gone, but the scars prove that you are a warrior. One day you will know that you made the right decision for yourself despite the pain. You will become stronger. It is okay to feel everything you are feeling. Give yourself permission to feel everything you are feeling. You and your heart will always be valid. It is okay to miss the person you had to walk away from. This is all just a part of the process of healing. One day it will all be okay. Remind yourself that you can be happy and still move forward standing tall.