It’s Okay To Not Feel Good, But I Really Hope You Try To Feel Better


It’s okay if you’re crying right now. It’s okay if you’re seeing yourself in the mirror disheveled and your skin lacking the glow. It’s okay if you’re locking yourself inside your room and ignoring everything outside, or feigning joy behind a mask. It’s okay if your pillows have been soaked in tears that they nearly smell awful. Turn the volume of your music louder if that makes you feel better as the tune goes along with your emotion and the lyrics convey it for you. Sing along. Write them away. Paint with all the colors that symbolize what you’re feeling. Let it all out, because sooner or later, you will find yourself fighting after you have expressed it all.

In a situation where you feel like an underdog, you acknowledge your weaknesses, your incapabilities, and all your shortcomings that push you to the edge of the ring. With this, you will have to maximize what you can do and what you already have. You maximize that built-in strength God gave you.

I know that it looks nothing like it’s going to relent and you’re about to thrive. I know that for now you feel like a captive of ordeals who can no longer escape, and that no one even seems to notice that you’re confined in bars of struggle. I see you writhing in hopelessness. In self-pity. But let the pain spur your inner warrior to battle against the lies telling you can’t do it, because you can.

I believe in you. Your messy hair, your damp pillows, your swollen eyelids—they don’t make you look any smaller in this life. Instead, they radiate the greater you. They signal the coming out of the warrior within, braced with your innate talent and wisdom as your weapon.

The world we live in is not meant to be always comfortable, yet it is a gift where we feel weak at times so that we can empower both ourselves and other people. Yes, you can be a hero to others. Your success over your personal battle can also be theirs. And that struggle you have right now is just part of the path you are made to pass along—the path to the very purpose of your existence. So if ever you’re feeling weak right now, it’s okay. That’s not a hindrance.

You have the power to win that battle.