It’s Okay Not To Know What You’re Doing In 2017


If you don’t have goals set out for the start of the New Year it is going to be okay. You are a strong human and you are going to figure it out, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

You don’t have to start a checklist to complete by the end of the year because you know that really isn’t even realistic. Life happens and things change, which ultimately alter our New Years resolutions every year anyways (if you make them, that is).

But if you’re like me and you don’t even know what you want out of 2017 that is totally fine, too! Because I’ll let you in on a little secret of life and that’s the fact there is no deadlines. Life doesn’t have deadlines and timelines, it doesn’t say if you don’t accomplish a certain goal in a certain timeframe then you’re life is over. That’s not how it works because everyone is different.

Some people get married at 19 and some people never get married. Some people graduate college at 22 and some people don’t start college until they’re 30. Some people are single parents and some people wait until they’re completely settled to think about having kids. Some people find salary jobs right out of school and some become their own boss.

Life is completely unpredictable and in a way that’s kind of awesome.

Life works out different for everyone, no one can say for sure where they will be in a month, or in a year, or in five years. All that stuff is unknown so the best thing you can do is just live for you. Start focusing on the path that makes you happy and feeds your soul and the rest will work out. It will all work out somehow.

You don’t need to have a boyfriend, or be married by a certain age, or start a career at 22, or buy your own house. None of that has to be your reality because you can live by your own rules and guidelines. You’re allowed to change your mind and you’re allowed to not know what you’re doing.

You can think you want to work in PR then find out you hate it. You can go back to school or you can decide it’s a waste and start your own business. You can think you’re in love with someone then discover who they really are and you can leave. You can think you love the new city you moved to and you can change your mind and hate it after you explore it; and the best part is you can leave and you can go home.

You can do anything you want and the best way to find out what you want is to try and fail. It’s best to test the waters and see what actually makes your heart light up and your smile glow.

If you don’t accomplish the things you want in 2017 it is okay because it’s just another date on a calendar. If you don’t know what you want out of 2017 that’s also okay because, again, it’s just another date on the calendar. Setting goals is good, but your happiness is more important than beating yourself up over a missed check on the list.

Just do the best you can, find the parts of life that make you happy and stick with it. Everything doesn’t have to be laid out for you in order to enjoy life. Sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned and that’s what makes life worth living.

So breathe, relax and stop being so hard on yourself. It’s a new year but the only thing that changes is the date, just like today will change from tomorrow.

You don’t have to have a set plan, just let the world guide you and everything will be just fine. It always is.