It’s Okay When Things Don’t Go As Planned, So Don’t Panic!


I don’t think anyone is ever going to get to the point where they are genuinely happy when shitty things are happening to them.  No one is especially jazzed about being poor or getting their heart broken or packing up all their things and having to move away when they don’t want to.  In the moment, those things will always suck. 

In my new old age of 23 I’m trying hard to see this “bigger picture” people keep telling me about.  It is difficult to see the sunshine through the hail storm when your world is falling apart. When the things you had planned in your head of how your life was going to be are suddenly gone.

So no one is banging down your door to offer you your dream job. Turns out you aren’t riding off into the sunset with the person you thought. And all of those “bills” people are always bitching about- you aren’t exactly exempt from those either. You wake up one day and your life is entirely different than the perfect image you had in your head.

Uncertainty might be the scariest thing in the world. That is why people settle. They settle on mediocrity, on a job that just pays the bills, on a relationship with someone you can live with but could also probably live without.  People get to a comfort level in their lives where they can accept how things are even if they are far from perfect just because it beats the alternative. 

Don’t stay with someone you know is wrong for you out of fear of being alone. Don’t waste your life away at a job you hate because you worry you won’t find something better. Maybe things aren’t going as planned RIGHT now but who’s to say your life just isn’t preparing you for better things to come along?  How would we ever appreciate the sunshine if it never rained? 

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