It’s Time For You To Wait For Love And Stop Begging For It


You had been poisoned by that silly vacuous love again. You started begging for it, pleading for it at the stars above at night. Love made you resentful. You believe that all people deserve it. You say, “Love is for everyone, but why hasn’t the cupid hit the person I love deeply for him to return the love I’ve given?”

Yes, it’s for everyone. But love takes time.

Stories don’t begin with a happy ending.
Stories go to a road full of obstacles and determination before it concludes. You should not expect something precious and rare into your life knocking at your doorsteps quickly. There will be so many things you will encounter before you even finally redeem that love.

Love is very serious. It’s not like a joke, because once it hits you, it will put you in a room with no doors or windows. It will hold you captive, and it will make you think that there’s no escape anymore.

Love will be earned. You could wait for it even if it seems to be taking forever, because love will not fly into space, but it can make you feel like you’re there. It will not go anywhere. It may not be from the person you love but from someone out there in the world that you truly deserve and treat you better than that person right now.

It’s time for you to be patient other than become a mendicant of love. It’s time for you to wait for love and stop begging for it. Put that into your mind.

Everyone is destined for greater things.
Everyone deserves to reach their dreams. Everyone deserves to have themselves embraced by someone that loves them. Including you, you deserve much more things.

If love is holding you back from being happy, let it go
and thank it for putting you into a weightless travel that made you learn new things. Thank it for giving you the lessons that made you a better person.

You are much more than being a beggar of love. You are much more expensive than a diamond. You are much more loved than you think. Even if he doesn’t return it, there are people around you that will make you feel loved and adored.

Love can have a next time.
It doesn’t end from one single person. It continues like blood circulating into your vessels. It continues like how people move on. It may be difficult to continue, but it may bring you into something precious in the end. You haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel anyway. There’s still more things you’ll find. There’s still more things you’ll see. It is an endless travel and possibilities.

Love can make you different. It eats something into you. It tweaks something into you. It will make you do things you thought yourself you will not do for a person. It will make you cheesy, but it could also give you happiness.

Love may not be from that person right now to give you everything you want, but if you wait, the love you wanted for so long will finally arrive and make you feel something beautiful you haven’t felt before.