It’s Time To Come Home To Yourself


Oh, beautiful one. You have spent far too long shivering out in the cold. You have struggled and searched for warmth in all the wrong places. Searching high and low for people to spark a flame, take you into their arms, and shelter you from the hardships life has to offer ever so generously.

But not one person can provide you with the asylum you so desperately crave. People, just like life, are ever changing and unpredictable; do you expect to run out into the storm when you are no longer welcome to huddle around one person’s burning fire, to scavenge and scour for the next possible safe haven?

That is not living. Running from one person to another, hoping to find someone else to rely and depend upon for comfort and happiness.

But there is a solution, perhaps a seemingly obvious one at that. Although life and the people who rotate in it are always changing, you are the one person who shall never part from you. As much as you may not like it, there is no running away from yourself.

You have the ability to be your own shelter. When life throws thunder and lightning your way, you can be your own source of comfort. Light a fire for yourself and keep yourself warm. Life is far too short to hope and pray you may find the one person who may provide you with a sense of security. Do you think so little of yourself that you believe yourself incapable of getting through life’s harshest storms? Yet you are still standing and there is one else to thank or credit but you.

You were always meant to be your own home. And it’s time. It’s time to come home to the person who is meant to love you the most: you.