It’s Time To Make A Life Change…Starting Today


Why must we believe or think that we’re stuck in a rut when truly we aren’t? Who says that we must accept the cards we’ve been metaphorically dealt and sit back without a clue how to actually play the hand? Every day brings new opportunities for growth, self-reflection, and change. In reality, it’s quite simple…

Each day when we wake up, it’s a brand new start. It’s a passage from night into the beginning of a new morning. It’s the perfect start to live meaningfully and as the best possible versions of ourselves. What may happen in the future is surely out of our control and what has already happened in the past can’t be undone. But by living directly in the present, we have more ability to choose how we plan to spend our day and with whom. Of course we have a range of daily responsibilities both personally and professionally, but it doesn’t mean that we’re limited into that framework of being and thinking. When one is happy and peaceful within, it’s reflected outwardly. No matter how difficult, boring, tedious, or trying external situations and factors are, if there is in fact a sense of being centered at one’s core and there is a willingness to face each day head on as it comes, then the changes one lives is actually set in motion.

Changes don’t have to be grandiose. They can be small steps that in turn create bigger passes over time. Changes could be as fast or gradual as needed based upon individual preferences and outside sources. Changes may also arrive when we least expect it—for better or for worse thereby propelling us in a certain direction whether we are ready for it or not. But what is so beautiful yet terrifying about change is that it’s a part of the “unknown”. As humans we seek to create a sense of security for ourselves and for our loved ones. But when we feel that someone or something is out of our control, that’s when worry may set in—which is directly connected to the questions: What if my life changes? How will I handle it? The good news is that whether we want to or not, we’re always in flux and moving ahead in a forward motion—even if it doesn’t seem like it. So in effect, there is truly nothing to be afraid of and it’s quite acceptable to realize change happens within and around us—always.

When met with a feeling of resistance or fear, it’s completely normal. But when it becomes a major preoccupation or hindrance for actually living and experiencing life itself, something should probably be reflected upon and shifted (when ready to do so). But when living and experiencing life itself is approached with a sense of ease and fluidity, change is welcomed—and we allow more richness of life’s changes to take hold—which lets us live and breathe new and fresh air.