It’s Time To Start Embracing Change


Change can be needed in many aspects of our lives. Some people need to find themselves again after a messy break-up; some people need to learn to adjust to being back home after graduating college; some people need to change their perspective on life. But, none of this is a bad thing. Change means that you’re coming to terms with the person you need to be – with the person you’re meant to be.

Often when people go through changes in their lives they look for someone to lean on, for someone to hold their hand through the tough times. But what many people don’t understand is that the best way to go through any obstacle in life is to rely on yourself to get you through the bumps in the road. Stop looking for someone to be your personal cheerleader, it’s time to be your own. It’s time for you to embrace your inner badass.

Change is scary, there’s no doubt about it. Transforming into a different stage of your life is nerve-wracking. Diving into the unknown is an unsettling feeling, but we all have to do it. We all have to eventually build up enough courage to take that leap, to make that adjustment in our lives because something is lacking.

It’s kind of like the change that a caterpillar goes through; The caterpillar creates its cocoon, and it feels warm and safe. But, eventually, its time for the caterpillar to comes out of its shell, and morph into the beautiful butterfly it was always meant to be.

This transformation is scary, and dark, because why would one want to leave the safeness of its cocoon, to enter a new world, a new life? And, it’s hard for the caterpillar to leave. It’s difficult to break free, but once it does, it’s now a beautiful butterfly. So, think about it, would you rather stay in the comfort of always being a caterpillar, or have enough courage to blossom into the beautiful butterfly you were always meant to be?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few months is that we all need to be our own support system. We need to learn how to cuddle ourselves to sleep, and how to be our own biggest fan. We need to be able to make ourselves smile, and make ourselves happy. Without that, we won’t be able to grow on our own.

No one ever willingly wants to experience change. No one wakes up in the morning wanting to flip their whole life upside down. But, sometimes it’s needed. Sometimes you need to let go of everything you’ve ever known, to start living the life you’re meant to lead. It’s your turn to transition from the caterpillar to the butterfly.