It’s Time To Stop Apologizing For The Bits And Pieces That Make You Who You Are


It’s time to stop apologizing for your expectations. The ones that people deem too high or unrealistic. The ones that people laugh at because they think they’re absurd or idealistic or old-fashioned. The ones that you can’t change because they’re ingrained in you and you live in a society that keeps teaching you to expect less, settle for less and reduce yourself to please others.

It’s time to stop apologizing for standing up for yourself. You’re not too much. You’re not crazy. You’re not rude. You’re not embarrassing. You just have morals. You have values. You have beliefs that you firmly stand by and you’re not willing to let anyone take that away from you or try to convince you to change your core because it’s not serving you well.

It’s time to stop apologizing for wanting someone who treats you with a certain level of respect. Even if everyone tells you that person doesn’t exist anymore or convinces you to lower your standards and change who you are because you’re not ‘flexible’ enough. You deserve the respect and love you always believed in and the kind of love and respect you know you can give back. If you can do it then someone out there certainly can.

It’s time to stop apologizing for the things that make you who you are. Your intricate personality. Your stubborn mind. Your fragile heart. Your bizarre ideas. Your absurd jokes. Your loud voice. Your eccentric opinions.

These are all the bits and pieces of you. These are all the things you were born with or things you learned the hard way. They found you and stuck to you because they belong there. They’re who you are at heart. They’re your true soul and no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way back to you.

So instead of trying to get rid of what makes you special or different, learn to embrace them all. Learn to make them grow and give them a voice. Learn to stop apologizing for them because they don’t fit in a box or they’re not praised by a certain group of people. Learn to love these bits and pieces because that’s how you learn how to love the whole picture. That’s how you learn to like who you see in the mirror.

It may take time and patience to find people who accept you the way you are and celebrate the things others used to criticize but I promise you they exist. You’ll find them. You’ll just blend in and realize that your words and your thoughts have a different value. Your heart and your soul are at peace. You find harmony and understanding and a connection that’s not based on fake vibrations or scripted conversations.

It’s time to stop trying to change yourself to fit in with people who will never look at you like you’re one of them. It’s time to stop doubting yourself because you’re outnumbered. You’re supposed to be the odd one out. You’re supposed to take a different route.

You’re not supposed to apologize for your bits and pieces, you’re supposed to hold onto them until you find the place that will treasure them and keep them safe. The place that won’t scatter them or bury them. You’re supposed to carry them with you wherever you go because they’re your treasure and they will surely be the reason why you shine when you find the right home for them.