It’s Time To Stop Blaming Yourself For Why They Left


It probably happened out of nowhere. Or maybe you sensed it coming, but you can never fully prepare for that moment when it will end. For that moment when you are no longer a “we” or a “you and I” but rather two people who shared some level of romanticism together.

When a relationship wasn’t really meant for the two of you, it endsAbruptly. Terribly. Frantically. And as messy as they come.

The worst part is that you are left with a puddle of questions and thoughts splashing in and out of your brain. Thoughts that make you doubt every action you did with that person. Thoughts that make you wish you could turn back time to reenact those itty bitty moments to make them stay. Thoughts that make you think you are the reason they are gone. 

But the only way you can move on is to forgive yourself and remember that you are not the reason they left.

Understand that your ex’s actions are not a reflection of you.

You are not unworthy of someone loving you the way you ought to be loved. You are not unlovable. You are not unattractive. You are not too needy, and you are not too any of these faulty adjectives you might be spreading in your head.

You see, as much as your mind may tell you otherwise, there is nothing wrong with you.

What is wrong is that you’re hurt and you’re finding a way to cope, and that will never be easy.

This one human may not have been able to recognize the affection you have to offer, but trust me when I say it was for the best. They never would have come around in the end anyways.

But the truth is, the more you continue to dwell on their absence, the less you can set forth into the future.

Because you may not see it now, but they are gone for a reason. They have left to give you space to be yourself. They have left so you can find someone who will love every ounce of you. They have left because your time together was expired. They have left so you can grow and become a better lover for the next person. They have left because maybe they are still working on themselves.

But they have not left because of you.