It’s Time To Stop Hiding Behind Walls And Love With Reckless Abandon


There was a time, not too long ago, when you loved with reckless abandonment. You loved like there was nothing in this world that could take it away from you. You let yourself surrender to the feeling of love. Better yet you felt what love was like when it was reciprocated. You loved like you were a child who hadn’t yet felt the pain of losing someone.

Why do we stop loving with our inner child?

Because it’s easy to let a child make the decisions when there’s no grown up repercussions. And with love, when you lose it, it’s an adult repercussion. But shouldn’t we let ourselves love something as much as we loved swinging on the swings or seeing our best friend of the moment? You know that friend you had, hell you probably didn’t even know their name at the time, but you loved them. They made you so excited to go outside and play. You got the same butterflies you get when you meet someone new that interests the hell out of you.

Almost every day in this world we meet someone new. And sometimes of those new people, one of them will make every other meeting before that worth it all. Maybe it’ll be something in their smile. Maybe it’s their smell. Maybe they just feel familiar. Whatever it is, it makes you start to feel that happiness that starts out as that warm, comfy feeling that then spreads all over your body.

They possess everything in this world you never thought you needed. But you do need them because now that you’ve felt it, you don’t want to know what it’s like to not. It’s that rush of blood that flows through your veins every time you see them. The one that gets your heart pumping so fast that you’re pretty sure it’s going to pop straight out of your chest.

And you do things. You know the things you said you were never going to do. Like walk through a farmer’s market hand in hand and then go for brunch. You become one half of a couple that refers to each other as ‘cutie’ or ‘Shnookums’ or whatever the hell cute nickname you come up with for each other. Those people used to make you sick but now you’ve fully committed to being one of them. It’s a group of select people and you get to be one of them.

Then you realize something; you’re happy. You’re the kind of happy they talk about in romance novels; though this is real life happy.

And you were happy before because you got to know yourself, really know yourself, before you let yourself dive back into something like this.

Because knowing yourself made you understand what you want and what you don’t. What you’ll accept from a partner versus doing anything to keep a partner. You have figured out the perfect balance of being independent and clingy (because there is a perfect balance).

You felt that same excitement in your stomach seeing that person that you did as a kid running towards the playground. You’ve found that love again that makes all the scars, the tears and the heartache worth it. Sure it was painful as fuck to go through but you got through it. And now you’re here. And here is good. Here is where you’ve always wanted to be.

So be a kid again. Be a kid who loves with reckless abandonment. Be a kid who doesn’t know what romantic trauma is because all they know is pure, unadulterated love. Hell, just love because you can. Even if you are single, love. Love everyone and everything because why not?