It’s Time To Tim Gunn Your Year, And Make It Work


So as the New Year’s Resolution hooplah — the creation of resolutions, the disdain for resolutions, the defense of resolutions, etc — slowly starts to wind down, I have decided that, regardless as to where we land on the resolution spectrum, we all should Tim Gunn the year.

…Hear me out.

For those playing the home game, Tim Gunn is the wonderfully stylish and sassy mentor from Project Runway. In the show, he would check in with the stylists creating whatever masterpieces they were trying to create. He’d inspect, scrutinize, show cause for concern if an idea seemed completely off the rails — as well as give a few witty-yet-snide remarks when need be — but he’d always end the mentoring with three words:

Make it work.

So as we’re setting out for 2016 with whatever it is we have in mind, perhaps it is in everyone’s best interest to imagine we’ve got Tim Gunn periodically checking in on us. Checking in on whatever goals, resolutions, life plans & decisions, etc, that we have in mind.

A posh, sassy man with impeccable style, looking over our plans, saying something like, “This concerns me,” over our really out-there ideas (or perhaps making a stinging one-liner over the really stupid stuff we’re doing) — but never telling us to outright change our plans. Just to make it work.

Got a mile-long list of resolutions? Make it work.

Resolving to resolve nothing? Make it work.

Got some goals that feel a bit ambitious? Make it work.

Refusing to make goals at all? Make it work.

Making changes to your personal or professional life? Make it work.

Got some circumstances you’re not changing or can’t yet change? Make it work.

Whatever you’ve got going on, across the board: Make it work.

Then maybe throw in a sassy finger snap or hand flail for good measure.