It’s Time You Forgave Yourself


I want you to try something today. I want you to look into the mirror and see yourself. Really see yourself. Look into your own eyes and notice every pigment. Look at yourself and notice what you’re carrying in the space behind your eyes. Look at yourself and smile at the person you’ve become.

And then start to forgive yourself for the person you thought you should be. Forgive yourself for the shame and the blame and the hurt that you carry. Forgive yourself for anything that feels heavy.

Can you forgive yourself for the times…

You didn’t let yourself be seen 

You let someone mistreat you

You gave up on your dreams

You didn’t think you were enough 

You were scared when life got tough 

You let yourself get carried away

You didn’t give yourself a break

You didn’t love your body fully 

You mistrusted your own heart 

You felt ashamed for asking for help 

You skipped soothing your tired soul

You let yourself fall into second place 

You didn’t give yourself permission to let go 

You didn’t make boundaries that could’ve saved you 

You carried the weight of the world on your shoulders

You apologized even though you deserved an apology

You had the power to get out but ended up giving in 

You disappointed yourself and held onto that burden 

You didn’t apologize to the person who needed it most.


But it is never too late to forgive yourself or to forgive others. It is through forgiveness that we come home to ourselves and to each other. It is through forgiveness that we find love. When we unravel the things we carry, we are left with the source of everything we’ve ever known: our hearts, our home.

Forgive yourself, your past, and your troubles. Because loving yourself matters, and to do that, you must exonerate yourself. So, look at yourself in the mirror today and allow yourself to forgive. And then love yourself hard today for all of yesterday’s you didn’t.