It’s You I Want To Spend Forever With


It’s you.

You are the one who will spend forever with me. The one who I can count on to lift me up when life gets me down. The one who indulge my every request and makes it your life mission to make me happy. The one I truly believe we will end up happily ever after together.

Not because I’m a hopeless romantic or blinded by my own emotions. It’s not that we’re flawless beings or a perfect couple with our shiny smiles and carefree laughter.

But because when it comes to us, we never stop trying to make things work. We won’t stop caring about the little things. We refuse to take what we have for granted.

I know love isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Love isn’t a highly charged emotion that leaves you with euphoric joy all the time. It isn’t supposed to be giddy kisses, butterflies in the stomach and the meeting of souls. It’s not magical and doesn’t provide an instant solution to all your problems.

Love is hard work. It’s waking up every single day and choosing them over and over again because there isn’t anywhere else you rather be. It’s having difficult conversations because you’re a team and overcoming the impossible odds together is what you do. Its strong commitment and compromise by putting someone before you without reciprocation. It’s swallowing hot bitter words and trying to find a solution that would benefit both of you instead of solely thinking about your own needs. It’s having faith that in a world of fickle connection and millions of matches, you have found a love that would last.

Love isn’t the all-encompassing emotion that’s supposed to make you feel okay. You have to do it yourself. It’s risky to open your heart so unrestrainedly wide that you’re left vulnerable. It’s frightening to put your whole heart in someone else hand and trust wholly that they will always have your back. It’s challenging to reverse the belief that you don’t deserve all the happiness in the world when love has failed you numerous times.

But with you, I think it’s all worth it.

I’m not going to hold myself back for fear of getting hurt. I’m not going to run away the instant things go south. I’m not going to look back when I’m here cherishing every second of the present with you. I’m not going to stop loving you because my feelings have only grown deeper and surer as time passes by.

Love isn’t easy but with you, it has become simpler. Somehow when we’re together, everything just makes sense. My overthinking mind calms down and I’m basking in contentment and serenity. My restless heart yearns to settle down with you as you melt the last of my resistance.

And I honestly believe that we will make it.

We’re going to get married in the near future. I can picture us walking down the aisle and reciting our vows till death do us part. I can imagine how teary with joy I will be to leave my old life behind me and start a brand new one with you. I can barely contain my excitement to begin the next chapter of our love story and the journey of a lifetime together.