I’ve Turned To God To Help My Heart


Dear heart,

I know you are vulnerable. You are susceptible to believing everything that you are told of. You take every little detail – unfiltered. But I am holding you now saying, ‘I will guard you more, and I will learn to filter every thought, every feeling, and every word that will come to you’.

I know you are bruised. You’ve been through a lot from the past events that you’ve experienced. You never healed from the lies and broken promises you’ve received before. But I’m holding accountable of you now saying, ‘Forgive. Take your time to heal and breathe again. We will remove the pain of the past — one by one, until you remember them no more. It will not be easy, but that’s the road we need to take to recover.

I know you are tired and confused. You don’t know what to feel anymore. You don’t know where you’re heading to. But please know that I am holding you, as firm as I can, and I am praying that you will be free from any kind of suffering now so you could start feeling light again, able to smile and love again.

I must commend you, though. For staying strong despite every hurt and struggle. You have proven your capability to love and forgive, over and over again, for as many times as needed. You’ve never stopped believing in the goodness of other hearts, even if it causes you to get hurt sometimes.

But dear heart, you deserve to be protected. You deserve to be loved in the sweetest and sincerest way possible. When someday, another heart will come to take you and promise to pursue you, it will be with the one who will truly take care of you. I cannot afford to see you broken again. And so I will make sure not to give you to just any other heart who is not willing to fight for you.

Lastly, I will make you long for the heart of Jesus – the heart of the One who will never fail you. I will draw you near to His heart and let His love satisfy you. You will never feel alone again, dear heart. Pursuing the love of Christ is what I can do best for you – to keep you away from the pain of the past, from the shattered hopes and dreams of this world. You will radiantly beat again and will be filled with a love that is everlasting. You will overflow with love you’d be able to share it to others who need it.

Courage, dear heart. Be well and firm and never stop loving.