‘Jared From Subway’ Attacked And Beaten In Prison By 60-Year-Old Man


Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson who claimed to loose weight by eating only Subway products, was recently attacked in jail by a 60-year-old prisoner. Fogle is serving a fifteen year term for having sex with minors and possession of child pornography

The prisoner who attacked Fogle is reportedly Steven Nigg, who is said to have “a major issue with child molesters.”

According to media reports, Nigg punched Fogle multiple times in the face while they were both out in the prison yard. Fogle is said to have extensive bruising, and a few facial scratches.

Fogle was apparently jumped last September as well, but didn’t sustain any true injuries from that attack.

Fogle has reportedly gained “tons” of weight since being incarcerated — perhaps up to 40 pounds — leading to some off-color jokes on social media:


While some people seem to believe that this act is “karma,” others are coming forward to say that all prison violence is intolerable, and that “eye of an eye” is not the way our criminal justice system should work.


Jared Fogle still has over 14 years to serve before he is eligible for release.

Correction: Article originally featured an erroneous stock photo.