19 Odd, Creepy Facts About Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Personal Life


Federal authorities arrested shadowy financier and socialite Jeffrey Epstein on July 6 as he returned to the United States on a private plane from France. He faces accusations of statutory rape and procuring underage girls that could net him 45 years in prison—an effective life sentence for a 66-year-old man.

This was Epstein’s second arrest for sex crimes. The first was in Florida and involved accusations that he serially molested at least three dozen girls, but due to his powerful connections, Epstein walked free after 13 cushy months in a private wing of a county jail.

Despite his wealth and fame, little is actually known about Epstein. With an armada of lawyers always at his side, Epstein been able to keep damaging information and unsavory rumors about him out of the press, but here are X facts that have emerged about his private life:

1. Epstein likes to sleep with the temperature set at a bone-chilling 54 degrees. According to a woman who was sexually involved with him in in the early 2000s, it was too cold for her to sleep:

I was like, I’m fucking freezing. I’m going to die of hypothermia.

2. The entrance hall in his Manhattan townhouse is festooned with rows and rows of prosthetic eyeballs that had originally been made for English soldiers injured in battle.

3. His Florida residence contains a chessboard with pieces that have been designed to resemble Epstein’s staff “in promiscuous poses.”

4. According to a woman who accuses Epstein of sexually assaulting her when she was 15, he keeps set of prosthetic breasts kept by his bathtub that he allegedly plays with while bathing.

5. An IT specialist who worked on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island says Epstein has a storage closet filled with “”stacks and stacks of brand new Lacoste white polo shirts, all size medium.” Epstein would only wear these shirts once, then give them to his cleaning staff to use as rags. Each shirt costs approximately $90.

6. Like Donald Trump, Epstein is a germaphobe and hated shaking hands with people. His favorite form of communication was at a distance, on the phone, preferably speakerphone so he did not have to hold the phone and the girls he had around him could hear all the important calls he took.

7. He liked to work out but feared that building up too much muscle would cause him to lose IQ points.

8. The floors of his private 727 jet are padded. This was ostensibly to make it easy to have sex on the floors while flying at high altitudes.

9. A statue in his Manhattan townhouse depicts a naked African warrior about 10 feet tall.

10. His “office” contains no computer.

11. The sidewalks outside his massive Manhattan residence—which is currently valued at $77 million but which Epstein was rumored to have purchased for only a dollar—are heated, meaning snow melts instantly in the winter.

12. The second floor of Epstein’s townhouse features a mural that depicts “a photorealistic prison scene that included barbed wire, corrections officers and a guard station, with Mr. Epstein portrayed in the middle.” According to a PR specialist who recently visited Epstein’s home, “[Epstein] said, ‘That’s me, and I had this painted because there is always the possibility that could be me again.’”

13. According to a 2007 lawsuit filed by model Maximilia Cordero accusing Epstein of statutory rape:

[The] defendant gave plaintiff a tour of his mansion, showing her a huge crystal staircase with a huge crystal ball by the railing, ceiling chandeliers, a lounge room with red chairs, a statute [sic] of a dog with a statute [sic] of dog feces next to it.

14. A former friend of Epstein’s says that when they met in 1986, Epstein told him he worked as “a high-level bounty hunter. Sometimes, he told me, he worked for governments to recover money looted by African dictators. Other times those dictators hired him to help them hide their stolen money.”

15. Epstein’s private plane, on which he reportedly feted several high-profile politicians and celebrities for the alleged purpose of having sex with underage girls, was known as the “Lolita Express.”

16. Epstein owns two islands in the Virgin Islands, one of which—formally known as “Little St. James,” is notorious for alleged sex parties featuring the rich and famous and a bevy of underage girls. It is variously referred to as “Pedophile Island,” “Island of Sin,” and “Orgy Island,” but Epstein prefers to call it “Little St. Jeff’s.” 

17. Little Saint James features an extremely weird building that looks like an ancient temple and has a front door with a locking device on the outside according to contractor James Both:

What makes it peculiar is that if you wanted to keep people out, the bar would be placed inside the building, [but the] locking bar appears to be placed on the outside … as if it were intended to lock people in.

18. James Both also claims that Epstein is obsessed with “pirate treasure” and would pay staffers up to $1,000 for old rum bottles and anything that appeared to be pirate-related.

19. After his brief jail stint, he was said to make creepy jokes about being a sex offender. He reportedly claimed he was a mere “sex offender” rather than a “sexual predator” and joked that the difference between the two was similar to the difference between “a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”