Jenna Bowman’s ‘Skin Deep’ Project Is A Reminder That You’re More Than Your Psoriasis


When you first look at Jenna Bowman, it might be hard to see anything but a woman exuding confidence and beauty, but for Jenna, feeling comfortable in her own skin has been a life-long journey.

Originally from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Jenna says that she moved to the United States back in 2013 in hopes of finding a solution, or at least help, with her skin condition.

Jenna has been struggling with Psoriasis since she was a young teenager. “At first I thought it was just a really bad case of dandruff, my scalp was completely covered with scaly patches, such a terrifying experience,” she recalls. At 13-years-old, it wasn’t easy. “It was such a crucial time for me especially just starting off my teenage years.I always felt like I was under pressure,” she said.

Six months after she noticed the first signs, the Psoriasis began to spread to her back, and she eventually shared with her mother what was going on. She had a difficult time receiving a proper diagnosis, but after visiting a dermatologist (which she notes is quite expensive in her home country) she finally received some answers.

Today, Jenna is sharing her story of embracing the skin she’s in on her Instagram, which she calls the Skin Deep Project. She’s also studying integrated nutrition with hopes of becoming a health coach. “Being a single mom there are a lot of challenges with staying focused and being attuned with my wellbeing,” Jenna shares. “I believe setting foot in this path will help a lot of people to become aware of what Psoriasis is and to have a better understanding of its symptoms. Plus, creating a business that is tailored to their needs.”

Jenna says that one of the most misunderstood and frustrating aspects of having Psoriasis is the general misconceptions people tend to have about it. First and foremost, the idea that it’s contagious. “I used to get very upset being asked this,” Jenna shared. “How people can be so insensitive and quick to judge… however, my response now is quite calm. I take it into consideration that not everyone is aware of Psoriasis and are also scared of catching something. I go into explaining that it’s an autoimmune disease and it is a genetic condition and you won’t catch it.”

In addition, Jenna shares that she feels it’s important for people with Psoriasis to be seen as valid and human as anybody else. “I want people to understand that this stigma should not be ignored and we need to approach it with an open heart and an open mind,” she shares. “Also, I want people to understand skin should not determine how you treat someone. We are all equal beings.”

When it came to finding her own self-love, Jenna says that it was a journey.

“Being this brave took a lot of time,” she shares. “Adjusting my thoughts and just getting used to the idea of being exposed… My inspiration was derived from my intensive research on finding ways to heal my psoriasis. I didn’t want to believe there wasn’t a cure. I believe there were other alternatives to heal. Hence, I was looking for people who were dealing with Psoriasis in a positive way. I’ve actually found a few people who’ve inspired me to share my story as well as discover ways to take care of my psoriasis naturally and holistically.”

As for her advice to those looking to find the same kind of self-compassion, Jenna advises to not let one skin condition define the entirety of who you are.

“I know it can be challenging at times. I know how difficult it can be to just walk out your house and think whether or not people are noticing your skin,” she says. “Just remember you are valuable in society. Your thoughts and concerns are just as important.”