JK Rowling Says She’d Take Lord Voldemort Over Donald Trump


Donald Trump made more waves recently when he suggested that all new Muslims immigrants should be banned from the United States of America.

His new “policy idea,” if one considers word vomit to be “policy,” elicited some pretty negative responses from Democrats and Republicans alike:


But the fiercest burn didn’t come from a politician, but rather, an author.

JK Rowling, best-selling author of the beloved Harry Potter series, posted the following tweet after Trump made his comments:

Lord Voldemort, of course, was the architect of not one, but two, great Wizarding Wars. But, having created Voldemort, JK Rowling seems in the best position to judge his merits vs. Donald Trump’s merits, and pretty much everyone agrees.

Is there any way JK Rowling can get her wizarding friends to perform a Vanishing Charm on Donald Trump? Please?