John Mayer Trolled Justin Bieber Over His Steamy Hot Tub Pic With Hailey Baldwin


I’m not sure why, but I never realized how much I loved John Mayer till this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been quick to jam to his music, but rarely did I give much thought to the actual man. But as it turns out, John Mayer is actually hilarious, and it’s about damn time he got the recognition for it.

These days, he’s taken to trolling other celebs online, which is pretty brilliant, if you ask me. His most recent attack was on Justin Bieber after the pop star posted this steamy photo of himself with fiancée Hailey Baldwin making out in a hot tub.

Mayer’s response was, in my opinion, pitch perfect.

In a comment, he wrote, “Interesting dynamic with the photographer in the hot tub. That’s gotta feel super third wheel. I see a lot of myself in this hot tub photographer. Imagine being in a hot tub on business.”

I mean, I’d be lying if that had never crossed my mind. I’ve seen plenty of steamy couples pics online and immediately thought, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not that photographer.” Does it feel like third wheeling? Is it awkward, or are you so busy focusing on getting the perfect picture that you don’t even notice?

Thank god for John Mayer, who is using his celebrity to give a voice to all our inner thoughts.