Julia Michaels Already Wrote All Your Favorite Songs So Here’s Why She Should Be Your Next Queen Of Pop


Okay, I’ll admit I’m biased.

Julia was an incredibly kind human and once posted my poetry on her Instagram page and I’m not sure I’ve ever fully recovered. I feel like we’re going to become great friends and I say that in the #coolest #chillest way ever.

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I had been a fan since I heard “Issues” on Spotify back in January 2017. I thought, as I’m sure millions of others did, WOW WAY TO SING ABOUT MY DATING STYLE. I GOT ISSUES. YOU GOT ‘EM TOO!! Same, babe. Her voice was engaging, vulnerable. I was into it. Had that baby on replay.

But short of loving that one song, I didn’t know much about Michaels.

After she shouted out my work, I started creeping researching.

Turns out, we’ve all been her fan longer than any of us realize.

At 23, she’s got a resume that would put some music industry veterans to shame. I mean, SERIOUSLY. GIRL’S GOT GAME. To name a few, she’s written hits for Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas. Oh, and a lil’ song you might have heard of — “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Yeah, that one. CASUAL.

(Her sister is great too. Hi, Jaden!)

It feels like we’re all finally in on a secret the singer-songwriter community has had for years. Julia. Is. God. Damn. Talented.

From being nominated for Best New Artist at the 2017 MTV VMAs to her newly released “mini-album” Nervous System, this year is coming up Julia.

And I’m here for. every. second.

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Shine on, Julia, shine on.