Just Because He Likes Your Selfies Doesn’t Mean He Actually Likes You


I sat down with a friend a few days ago, and she brought up the “he likes all my pictures on the gram and watches all my stories, like he is always the first one watching!”

Why do guys do it, all the damn time? They like every single picture we post, on Facebook, Instagram, they watch all of our snaps stories, the Instagram ones, the like our tweets, maybe they even do a cheeky retweet. But why do they do all of this if in the end, they told us they’re just not that into us, or that they don’t want anything serious at the moment, or whatever excuse they’ve made up for the occasion.

They don’t like us, I get it, I can live with that, not everyone can like you all the time and always, but what’s up with the stalking then? I don’t personally even watch, like or check anything that it has to do with someone I couldn’t care less or fancy at all. Does it just work for girls? What’s the boys secret? Are they just genuinely curios, or is it just an excuse to keep you around, wondering “If, if if?”

Is it a strategy to keep us around, just in case? So if they change their mind, well, sure, they like all of our pictures for ages so they MUST be still into us. Why do they think we are THAT dumb?

My advice is just move on: he didn’t bother enough to text you back, he couldn’t care less if you had feelings and put yourself out there for him, he didn’t even put effort to try and make a move. He simply doesn’t care. Because let’s be honest: liking a picture or watching a story doesn’t require much effort, it’s pretty damn simple and it takes less than a second.

So move on, all of you, myself included, and look for someone who actually cares: someone who takes you out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, someone who is there for you, asks you how your day has been, what kind of topping do you like on your gelato or what spinning class you want him to come with you to. Someone who is in love with you and proves it, constantly: and especially with more than a like a day.

If it can help even block them or unfollow them. They won’t change their mind overnight, you’re just a backup and no one wants or deserve to be one, ever. You’re worth so much more than that (and a like).