Just Because You Have Moments Of Weakness Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak


Growing up, you’ve probably been told, “Never let them see you cry,” which basically means never let someone see you look weak, vulnerable, or even sad.

Growing up, we constantly heard phrases like, “Suck it up,” or “Just be tough.” We grew up thinking that feeling weak was something to be ashamed of. That being seen with emotions would make others think less of us.

And then we got older and we continued to believe that showing emotions was something we ought to hide.So we carried this façade of “being tough” into all aspects of our lives—into our relationships, into our careers, and into how we interact with others and with ourselves.

Our inner monologues turned into something like: You can’t show weakness under any circumstance. You can’t express when you’re feeling underappreciated or overworked. You can’t be real and honest with those closest to you. Instead, you must brush it off and put on a tough face. 

But we aren’t supposed to be indestructible beings. Humans are allowed to break down and hurt. And just because we have moments of weakness doesn’t mean we are weak.

Because we are not judged on this earth by how many tears we shed or how often we needed a break. We are not judged by the heaviness we endure when we face disappointment. We are living, conscious, emotional beings that don’t need to be brave and tough 24/7. In fact, sometimes the bravest thing you can do is give yourself permission to feel.

We are not immune to the hardships thrown our way in life, and we don’t need to fake our way through them. We are allowed to let our guards down and admit we are not okay. It doesn’t make you any less strong, it doesn’t mean you are indefinitely weak, and it definitely doesn’t take away from all that you’ve built yourself up to be and all that you are growing into.

Despite how bright the sun may seem to shine, clouds will always find their way through. Rain will always pour lightly, in bursts, heavily, or all at once. But it doesn’t mean the sun is any less powerful. It doesn’t mean the next day the rays won’t fill the air with light and heat once again.

Because the sun will continue to shine.

And so will you.