Just Because You Miss Them Does Not Mean They Belong In Your Life


It’s been said that if you miss someone, you’re lucky enough because that means you had someone special in your life worth missing. We’ve all been there at least once in our life where relationships just don’t work, whether its a friend or lover and that is OK. It doesn’t mean we necessarily failed, it just means some people are not meant to be together. You just have to face the reality that some people are not meant to be lovers and some are not meant to be friends.

You can still miss them, but it does not mean they belong in your life. It’s okay to miss people you no longer want around.

We can want things, but it doesn’t mean we should have them and it surely does not mean that they are good for us.

I think it’s really important to understand the difference of missing someone and wanting them back. Missing someone who no longer belongs in your life, means you no longer need them. It means that particular person adds no value to your life. I believe when we acknowledge these feelings, we allow ourselves to grow as individuals. So yeah go ahead and miss them, but it doesn’t mean you should run and try to put all the broken pieces back together. The relationship ended for a reason and when you start getting “missing them” and “wanting them back” confused, just remember why it didn’t work out.

When you are tempted to send that “I miss you text”, remember the things that kept you guys apart.

The signs that made it very clear that it was not meant to be. Then, at that moment will you finally understand why they no longer belong in your life. Let me tell you though, if you were just fine before this person came along, you’re going to be fine long after they are gone. You don’t need a person to complete you. If anything, they should compliment you; whether it is a friend or soulmate. I will also tell you that you’re going to find beauty in life once again, but just be patient. Be patient and have faith that it is going to be okay.

Don’t let others make you feel guilty for missing them. Go ahead and miss that person.

The person you spent a whole chunk of your time with. That person you called up when you had good news and bad news to share. The person that made you feel like everything made sense. You have every right to miss them and don’t you dare let anyone make you feel shitty for doing so.

But please remember, just because you miss them does not mean they belong in your life.