Just Keep This Up And Keep Breathing


Breathe. Just breathe. Just like that, in and out. Focus on your breathing, nothing else. Deep breaths now and slowly exhale. Exhale that pain, bit by bit.

Don’t worry about anything else. Don’t worry about what just happened or what will. Forget all of the transgressions. Forget all of the thoughts that burden your mind. Forget all of that nonsense. We will deal with it when the time comes, but right now, you just need to breathe.

I know; I know it hurts. It hurts so much. It feels suffocating, the weight of it all. Of course it is if you fall and crash this hard. Yet, this is how we are supposed to fall; we lose our balance in the face of a gravitational pull we can’t overcome until we are forced to. You have to fall, don’t you understand. You have to fall and endure this or how else will you learn? You won’t fully know and appreciate what greener grass is without burning it first.

I can’t stop the pain, I can’t water the fire that rages within you because it will make you stronger. You can’t see it now, but you will one day. All I can do now is hold you. You don’t have to weather this storm alone, I got you. You will survive this and you will flourish again. These are realities I am certain of but right now, let’s just cease our worries and breathe. In and out, slow and steady. Hold my hand and follow my lead. Place your other hand on your chest and take a big deep breath. Feel that wave of fresh air alleviate your soul of its pain. Allow it to renew you. Allow it to rinse your body and mind of all ailments. And then exhale slowly watching the pain expel from your body. Can you feel it? Can you feel the pain recede in defeat? Just keep this up and keep breathing. This is how you persist. This is how you begin to heal.