Just Remember To Breathe


Remind yourself to breathe when the anxiety returns, when you feel like your chest is closing, when you feel like you’re about to close your eyes forever because it can’t possibly be normal.

Remind yourself to breathe when the tears won’t stop flowing, when you feel like you are about to scream, and the severity of the pain is insurmountable.

Take a few deep breaths when you feel that no one will ever love you, and that you’re not good enough and never will be.

Remind yourself, whilst taking these breaths, that this is sheer proof that you are meant to be here, that the air in your lungs is your purpose, and that you are the only one who is able to fill that specific purpose.

You may not realize what it is yet, and that is okay. Your purpose may touch a few lives, it may touch millions. The love that is inside of you has been put there for a reason.

I know it feels as though there is no love left inside of you. I know it feels as though you have become a shell of your former self, and I know that you no longer recognize who you are when you look in the mirror.

Wait for your healing.

Your healing will entail pain like you have never felt before. Prepare yourself for that, and for countless past scars that will be reopened in order to deal with it.

Look for the key that opens the box filled with these scars. Allow yourself to finally deal with it. Forgive those that hurt you, and forgive yourself.

Allow the tears to break open your world, and feel the weight of what you have never allowed yourself to feel before.

Look deep within yourself, into the ocean of your soul, and begin to chisel away at the stone that has built around your heart. Each piece that falls away is a piece of you falling into place.

In the midst of this, remember to breathe.

One deep inhale, one long exhale. And repeat.