Just So You Know, It’s Not Too Late To Live Your Life This 2017


It seems like yesterday we were just counting to welcome 2017 and now, we are over halfway through the year.

For sure, all of us might have planned goals for this year and we expect ourselves to achieve at least half of what we have listed in our journals or planners.
But regardless of whether we achieve these goals or not, the important thing is that we learn new things and experience other things that we didn’t expect.

Maybe you aren’t ready to leave this year yet because you still want to prove yourself that you can achieve what you have set.

But maybe you do want to leave this year, after all the events that have happened in the past months. A concert that killed and scared innocent children, teens, and parents; or somebody’s tweets that lack morals, especially if he claims to be educated; or to all the death of innocent people in a terrorist attack; or the hopelessness that earthquakes brought to families.

It’s okay if you want to move forward and forget that this year ever happened. It is also okay if you want to stay. But either way, please remember that you are becoming the person you are supposed to be and becoming the person you want to be.

You still have a few remaining months to make this year the most beautiful, honest, raw, enlightening, surreal, amazing, and show-stopping year of your life.

There are too many downfalls and opportunities left in the world, and in yourself. Many awakenings and ascensions are still waiting for you before 2017 ends.

You may have gained new friends, visited new places that have encrypted in your mind, made new family to love, had new experiences you wrote in your journal, and hopes that you have met.

But there are still more to life that awaits you.

You will still need to learn to let go of people who don’t want you in their lives, as well let go of people you don’t want in your life. There will be feelings you have given and will give to people that will never ever return to them you.
You still have a chance to be with new people and befriend them.

You will not expect yourself to care too much but you will.

You may be broken right now, but the good news is that you will heal before this fucking year ends. You will heal in the best possible (and not harmful) way. You will take time to heal. You will learn to love yourself again, to value the life you have, and to love someone again.

For the incoming months, live the life you want. Know that you are in the process of discovering the best version of yourself.

Love the life you are living. Don’t take life seriously and don’t worry about it.

Learn to accept new changes in your life as your preferences are changing rapidly.

Living is about knowing and asking yourself of “what do I want?”

Love the person you are becoming.

As long as there are months in a year, weeks in a month, days in a week, hours in a day, minutes in an hour, and seconds in a minute, you will always have the chance to experience something you never experience before and remember all the things you have forgotten.