Just So You Know, It’s Okay To Forgive Yourself


Did you wake up today and look at yourself in the mirror with sad eyes staring back at you instead of a radiant smile? Did you put on your mask again before heading out to face the world? Forgive yourself.

Did you hurt someone who loved you? Did it come back to haunt you when you were hurt by someone you loved? Forgive yourself.

Did you fail to achieve what you wanted most? Did it hurt? Forgive yourself.

Did you make an effort? Did you fall short? Forgive yourself.

Did you take a leap of faith without testing your landing? Did you jump off a cliff without making sure you would be caught? Forgive yourself.

Did you trust someone who was not worthy of your trust? Were you torn apart by the person you would have trusted your life with? Forgive yourself.

Did you care for someone who only cared for themselves? Were you destroyed by the person you thought would never hurt you? Forgive yourself.

Did you set yourself on fire to light the path for someone who never looked back to see your ashes? Were the stars in your sky shot down by the person you thought would light up your world forever? Forgive yourself.

Did you pour your heart out to someone to whom it made no difference? Were you willing to cross oceans for people who would not have jumped over puddles for you? Forgive yourself.

Did you mistake a life lesson for a soulmate? Did you forget your own worth? Forgive yourself.

Did you give up on a dream? Did you accept reality? Forgive yourself.

Do you embrace the pain sometimes as it crashes down on you instead of pushing it back? Does regret wash over you sometimes until you feel yourself drowning beneath the waves? Forgive yourself.

Do you look back and wish you had done things differently? Do you wish you could turn back the tide to save yourself from being swept away? Forgive yourself.

Do you realize that the past has no power to shape your future? Do you know that you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul? Forgive yourself.

You are only human. Humans make mistakes. Those mistakes do not define you. Define yourself as someone who learned from them to become a better person. This person has so much left to achieve.

Forgive yourself.