Just So You Know, Life Is A Marathon Not A Sprint


The world we live in today is so cluttered. Our homes, our tasks, and our relationships are filled with things that take up space, physically and mentally. We shift from one thing to the next from of a sense of obligation and are surrounded by people who think more is more. People who complain about how much they have to do and admit they’re doing too much, but smirk when they say it. They think doing more and being constantly stressed means they’re doing something right, but what kind of life is that? They’ll make it. Well, they probably will, they’re checking the boxes, doing what everyone before them did to get to the same goal. But at that extreme, a stacked resume means only dispassionate acts and detached memories.

They have missed out on moments in life that reveal their motivation, their passions, their potential to do something that may or may not be their original goal but it is where they were meant to be and what will fill their hearts to the fullest. Good for them, but in the end, what really matters? What’s the reward if getting there caused you more pain than fascination? Where is the longevity in accumulating these short-term “wins” that frankly, in a week no one gives a fuck about?

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was different. About how much my life wouldn’t look like my life if I said yes to that party or went to that museum. Crossing continents crossed my mind. Where would I be if my home wasn’t my home? But more than anything I wonder about if I didn’t put so much pressure on myself. I probably would’ve had a few more late nights and early mornings; a few more adventures and memories. I probably would’ve had a few more conversations that could’ve led to connection.

I’m human, I’m here, and I’m going to be just fine. I know it’s hard to remember that it will be ok. Trying to keep up with everyone else will not lead you to your destiny, it will lead you to theirs. All you have to do is strive for your best and connect with yourself–anything or anyone that is asking more from you is not worth the energy. Your life is long enough for you to take your time learning about yourself, but short enough that giving too much of your energy away is a sad waste; it will only lead you to become second place in somebody else’s race.