There Is More To Life With Christ


Maybe sometimes we forget our real purpose.

Maybe sometimes we get too consumed of the things happening around us, too busy dealing with jobs we think is not for us, or too saturated by the things we think we need, goals we think we have to achieve, places we think we need to set foot to, overwhelmed by the desire to be with people that we entirely forget that life is never skin deep.

There is more to life.

There is more to just waking up and going to work, doing the usual things we do. There is more to see than just the surface, more to do than just the routine, more to pay attention to than just the things that are lacking, the things that we are so caught up in achieving, in finding.

Sometimes we get lost in things we thought can fill us, but really, just leaving us emptier than ever before.

Maybe we need to remember that genuine satisfaction can only be found in knowing that we are living our lives in full value—valuable in purpose set before us, our purpose in Christ.

And that is to be a light, to spread His love as much as we can, to be instruments for His glory, to have a ready heart for Him to change, and mold, to shine before others so that they may glorify Him, not us.

To bring inspiration to the brokenhearted, to encourage those who doubt, to uplift the weary, and to direct them to Him – to know that all of this are for Him, for the purpose of allowing people to know Him more and to know what it’s like to actually know Him and be known by Him.

To know what it’s like to live a life filled with His presence, a life of hope despite its storms, of promises that are faithful despite the waiting, of words that won’t ever be void despite our disbelief, of futures that are secure despite its questions, of days overflowing with joy and provision despite its challenges, of nights that are comforting despite its tears, of a life that is entirely loved and taken care of despite the pain, the heartaches, the mourning, despite it all—a life that is filled with God.

Because at the end of the day, life is not all about how comfortable we are, how much we’re earning, how good life is on the outside, it’s about finding satisfaction in Him, wherever we are.

And if we don’t feel that yet, He will meet us, wherever we are, whatever situation we’re facing, He will meet us.

That’s a promise.

Dian Tinio is the author of Catastrophes, available here.