Justin Bieber Doesn’t Even Follow His Fiance On Instagram


When celebrity couples call it quit, social media is usually a good indicator for fans for whether or not they’re done for good. For instance, if they start deleting photos or unfollow each other on Instagram, you know something bad happened. But what if they were never following each other in the first place? What then?

I’m only asking because Justin Bieber definitely doesn’t follow Hailey Baldwin, who he’s been dating for a whole month and recently got engaged to. But even aside from all that, the two have been friends for practically forever and have dated before. How can he just not follow her? Doesn’t that bother her???

But even though he may not have pressed the “follow” button on her page, that doesn’t mean he never looks at it. He even recently commented on one of her posts (simply writing “Dats mine” on a photo of her), which means that while he refuses to follow her, he still lurks on her account like a proper stalker. Not to mention he’s posted about her on his own account, making his love for her publicly (and annoyingly) known.

Look, at the end of the day, I know social media doesn’t mean much. I’ve dated guys who didn’t even have social media at all, and it didn’t affect the relationship negatively. But if you’re engaged to get married to someone and you’re both social media stars, it’s pretty damn weird not to be following one another, especially when you’re just gonna look at their page anyway.

But what do I know? I’m not rich, famous, and In Love. Maybe the rules are just different when you’re Justin Bieber, but then again, probably not.