Justin Bieber Slid Into This Gym’s DMs To Ask One Of The Employees Out And Got Rejected


What would you do if Justin Bieber slid into your DMs? Personally, my heart would probably explode from the sheer excitement, but if I actually lived past that, I would take him up on it immediately, all the while cursing the fact that I can’t go back in time and tell my high school self that I had not, in fact, peaked.

This girl, however, is a little less impressed. And yes, it actually happened to her.

Jessica Gober, who’s the front desk attendant at a gym called Fitness on Broughton, was featured on the gym’s Instagram page. And somehow, some way, J Biebs found the post.


Bieber reportedly DMed the account to figure out who the cutie was:

Who is that girl


? In ur latest post

Yep, Justin Bieber literally tried to slide into some random girl’s DMs, and guess what? He got rejected, because apparently Gober has a boyfriend who she’s NOT willing to break up with for Justin Bieber. Who knew???

That’s not to say she didn’t think it was a Twitter-worthy event, though.

TBH, if Justin Bieber DMed me I’d tweet, Insta, and probably get a tattoo of it, so I get you, girl.

Is this why Justin Bieber cancelled his concert? To scour Insta in search for the perfect woman??? I’ll be looking into this for sure.