Kanye Rents Baseball Stadium, Plays Own Song, Proposes To Kim, And Shows He’s The Most Insecure Person In The World



So Kanye finally proposed to Kim, OMG! Best of all, he did it in the most pathetic rapperly way he possibly could have which was to do everything but simply dump an ocean’s worth of money directly on her empty head. You gotta love that the guy’s idea of romance is Jumbotron, orchestra playing something (gotta have class), and a huge ass rock all while renting out a fucking baseball stadium and playing HIS OWN SONG for mood music. Absolutely the stupidest thing I can imagine. My gf would murder me if I did that to her especially if we’d already had a kid together.

Who in their right mind would find this combination of expensive things at all appealing and why do this so publicly? I mean, I understand that your child is most likely a hobby as exhibited by her trademarked name “North West” but do you not want to have anything at all in your life that’s intimate in any way? Is your entire life truly based in and around consumer marketing strategies?

I’ve long thought this but Kanye must be the most insecure man ever to achieve his current level of stardom. He freaks out when comedian Jimmy Kimmel makes the most innocuous and friendly joke about him and then comes on his show and demands that everyone agree that he’s a “genius”. He has to brag about himself in literally every part of every interview I’ve ever seen him give. Now he proposes on a Jumbotron like a redneck who’s wasting his life savings. Is anybody actually able to take this large child seriously at all anymore?

Sorry Kanye, you’re just not that great and your BBC interview was more like a documentary on chronic narcissistic disorder than it was a discussion with an artist. It sucked. I learned nothing except what you think about you…which I already knew.

He’s a child. Can we please stop coddling him and tolerating his juvenile poetry?