Karlie Kloss Finally Apologized For Appearing In This Culturally Tone Deaf ‘Diversity’ Photo Shoot


First Gigi Hadid, now Karlie Kloss. Within a month, both Victoria Secret models were under fire for cultural insensitivity.

While Hadid was criticized for an Instagram story gone wrong, Kloss’s mistake was on a larger scale: she was accused of wearing yellowface in a photo shoot for Vogue‘s March issue.

Kloss tweeted her apology early on Feb. 15.

Of course, Kloss didn’t work alone. The shoot was done in Japan by photographer Mikael Jansson, and Kloss was styled by Phyllis Posnick. The photos depict Kloss as a Japanese geisha, and people were quick to respond to the instance of cultural appropriation.



The photo shoot was allegedly for Vogue’s “diversity” issue, but I think it’s safe to say it went very, very wrong.