Keep Your Faith And Trust That God Has A Plan


I had a dream last night that I was driving really fast down a highway. I knew I was going way past the speed limit so I placed my foot on the break but didn’t press down, I could feel the car speeding up. I remember thinking to myself “I need to slow down” but for some reason, I didn’t. Ahead of me were some hills, I continued to speed over the first one, then the second one I felt my car lift up from the ground, but on the third hill my car went up and began to flip forward. In that moment everything slowed down as if it was going in slow motion, I knew once this car hit the ground I was done. So I began to pray that somehow God would save me from this accident, that I would make it out alive. After saying Amen the scene speed back up, I flew to the back seat, and the car landed on all fours; No broken bones not even a scratch. I survived, God saved me. Unfortunately, my car flipping and stopping in the middle of the road caused a collision behind me.

When I woke up from the dream, all I heard was God telling me, I’m getting ahead of myself and most importantly Him. I’m gonna end up hurting myself and others surrounding me. It’s time to slow down and allow Him to take back control of the wheel.

God has called me for a purpose but, sometimes I tend to get too excited or distracted and end up losing focus on the big picture—God. I have to remind myself that the purpose is bigger than me. Gods plan and His ways are higher than mine. The spotlight doesn’t, nor will it ever belong on me.

Like any other person, money, success, and maybe even fame for some would be great but if I’m being honest, all the money in the world still wouldn’t bring the fulfillment and joy that comes from God.

Now, I’m not gonna lie and say that I don’t want to enjoy the good fruits of life.

I would love to experience a well-off life. I would love to be able to go shopping and not have to worry about checking my bank account after every transaction. I would love to drive a car without any of the dashboard lights on. Most importantly, I would love to be able to just give, bless others with more than what they need.

See, I believe that He has set up a bright future for me, I know there will be better days. God’s plans for His children are to prosper them and not harm them. I’ll be in a better position from now but, when I get in my different position and I receive what God has promised me I don’t want to lose myself. I don’t want to lose sight of His plan, become arrogant, or forget where I came from and who it is that brought me there. I want to be completely satisfied with God and God alone.

That’s why it’s so important for Him to change us and prepare us for what He has planned.

So before God can give you something He has to see that you are worthy of having it. He’ll give you small portions of blessings and test you. Make wise choices during this time. He will give you what you qualify for when it’s time. We all know the saying “God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle”, which is true. So until he sees that you’re capable of handling what He gives you, you’re gonna have to prove yourself..

I had to go through a toiling season, the testing of your faith. This season consist of hard times, making mistakes and learning from them, facing many challenges, and becoming a new being. It’s not necessarily bad though, I realized toiling would cause development in all areas of my life so I had to go through this season. God is getting you ready, building your character, and strengthening you. He has to remove the dead parts that are keeping us from pressing forward. It’s all causing you to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.

God has placed something special on the inside of you which will request you changing.

Experiencing those difficult times created something on the inside of me. It gave me the wisdom, strength, and courage I needed to step out of my comfort zone. It’s not always going to feel good, you won’t always like it but it’s necessary.

I’m walking into my destiny, I’m becoming who He’s called me to be.

It’s a process of healing and restoration. When you get what you’ve been waiting for, you’ll get the satisfaction of saying, I’m an overcomer, I waited patiently, I survived, I’m stronger, I’m wiser, and better than I was before, Thank God. If it wasn’t for Him helping you along the way you wouldn’t have made it this far. Always remember to thank Him, especially during the bad times because those bad times are producing perseverance. Keep the faith. Glory to God! You are now ready to step into your purpose.