Kellyanne Conway Just Said ‘I Love You’ To A White Nationalist On Twitter


With a billion awful things coming out of the Trump Administration every day, it can be difficult to keep track of all the things to be outraged over.

Trump is leading a government that is actively trying to discriminate immigrants based on religion, wants to defund critical healthcare resources like Planned Parenthood, doesn’t give a fly about the people who depend on Obamacare to survive, and many many other deplorable things.

But it’s important not to lose sight of the less obvious stuff too. Like the slow integration of white nationalistic ideas in our government — best personified by the inclusion of President, erm, I mean Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon in Trump’s inner circle.

But if we needed another indication of the coziness of Trump’s team with white nationalistic ideas, here it is.

This afternoon, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway quoted and replied to just one non-media tweet. One tweet, sent by one user — out of probably thousands sent to her every minute. And she chose this tweet, and this user, to say, “I love you”:

By the way, I’m not someone who thinks that anybody who loves Donald Trump or has a frog emoji in their Twitter name is a white nationalist. But let’s take a look at this user:

Her Twitter bio proudly claims to be a #Nationalist and boasts of her #WhiteIdentity. And if irony could be any thicker, she also LOVES Stephen Bannon. She also clearly supports the Muslim Ban, and hates her fellow Americans.

Also she hates JK Rowling. Which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being a White Nationalist, but is a pretty good indicator of having no taste in writing / Twitter personas.

Who the heck says shit like this? Like, be a conservative, but why be a cruel asshole?

Also, she retweets herself, so there ya go. 10 / 10 awful person.

Before today I was going to say that this administration has shown their love for white ideology in every way but with their words. It seems like they have done that too.

UPDATE: In a statement to Buzzfeed News, Kellyanne Conway claims she didn’t know who the Twitter user was, and that it was a mistake.