Kim Kardashian Isn’t The Problem, But You Probably Are


Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram has been making headlines and sparking comments across the Internet. The picture is a naked Kim, covered only by strategically placed black bars; probably because of Instagram’s strict guidelines. The caption reads, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.” This one photo has people yelling their opinions all over the place, criticizing a woman they never met and questioning her as a mother.

Kim and Kanye are sometimes ridiculous and attention seeking, but you don’t have to like them. You don’t have to rush out to buy Yeezus, you don’t have to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians every Sunday night. And guess what: you do not have to follow her on Instagram.

The problem with the controversy surrounding this particular post is that it is bringing up a bigger issue, an issue bigger than the Kardashians. The issue being people’s desire to tell women what to do with their bodies and criticize them for embracing or being open with their sexuality.

I just read an article that was titled “Kim Put Some F*cking Clothes On”, and the post was informing Kim that she is a mother and she should respect herself. Kim knows she a mother. As someone who does watch the show every now and again, I can tell you her pregnancies were rough. This is not something she could easily forget, plus she has tiny humans that depend on her and call her mom. So, it’s safe to assume she knows she’s a mother.

When Kim Kardashian did her first nude cover shoot, she faced similar criticisms to what she is facing now. However, the same men who criticize her are probably the same ones who bought the magazine issue — and then went alone in the bathroom with it. The same men who degradingly call her names and bring up her past mistakes in Instagram comments on photos of her children!

There’s also the argument that because everyone has seen her naked, it’s less special for her husband. NEWS FLASH: if you’re that old fashioned that you believe sex is only meant to happen between spouses, then you should also know sex is supposed to be special because it builds a bond and creates babies. It’s special because the two people are in love with each other; not because he’s the only one who saw her boobs.

Kim Kardashian is comfortable and confident enough to be naked in front of the world. This takes guts. To add to it, she has to take the backlash people throw at her; even fellow women. Let’s not forget Kim Kardashian had a private, intimate video of herself leaked. She did not release this video, she did not intend for any of us to see it, but we all can guess how many people have. Her choice to do nude photo shoots is her decision that she is making for herself because at one point, she didn’t have the choice.

People look up to her not just because of her lavish lifestyle and her high fashion wardrobe, but because she’s comfortable with her body. So many young women struggle with body image and self-acceptance. One of the biggest pop culture figures of our time is not stick thin. She’s got curves, boobs, a butt, and she’s proud of them! We are finally starting to regard multiple, different body types as beautiful and sexy.

Causes like “Free the Nipple” and women that are free with their bodies and sexuality are trying to empower women; whether you are sexually expressive or not. The word ‘slut’ is so easily thrown at women these days and we can’t even take a mother breastfeeding her child in a public area. Things have to change. The movement is about being able to make a choice and not let society choose what you do with your body. This is something all women can get behind because it gives women the choice.

I hope my future children will never come across an article that so harshly accuses a woman of not respecting herself or her family because of an Instagram selfie. I can almost guarantee Kim Kardashian didn’t post that photo to disrespect her children, her husband, or any of you vocal bloggers out there. You know those days when you get out of the shower and look in the mirror and think “Dang! I look good today”? You know the days when you are “feeling yourself”? Well, Kim Kardashian was having one of those days. She was loving herself and her body. She just had a baby. Who can hate on a woman feeling sexy again after carrying around a human for nine months?

These woman don’t see themselves as objects, you do. The objectification of women sucks, but the remedy for it doesn’t mean we should all cover up and go back to only showing our ankles. Things need to change, but I don’t think you should go pointing your fingers at Kim Kardashian. Point your fingers at the ones who judge her for loving her body and the ones who yell at her for daring to believe she’s allowed to show she’s a sexual being, just like any other human on the planet.

Lastly, don’t worry about Kim’s children, they will have great lives, money, and a mom who will probably instill great confidence in them — and a dad that might make them a little overconfident. If you would like to worry about children, there are many children right now that would love your help.